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Herbal Incense Smoking Blends

Natural Incense is made from 100 % natural ingredients and contains only pure botanicals. Many of the ingredients also provide aromatherapy benefits. The incense may contain incense resins from trees and plants, but it may also contain aromatic herbs, spices, roots and barks. Some blends could also have essential oils added in small amounts. In spellcraft, herbs or other botanicals might be put into 'empower' the incense for magickal intent. Area of the pleasure is to build your own blend.

Using Natural Incense:

Natural Incense burns on charcoal blocks or discs, it's the oldest way of burning incense. There are no chemical additives or accelerants to make the incense burn, many manufactured incense cones and sticks could be irritating towards the airways, and are not always ethically made. Many incense sticks and cones are 'blanks' that are dipped right into a synthetic perfume oil.

Best Herbal Incense Blends

Incense in the natural form is considered by many cultures and faiths to become healing and sacred. I hope to create the finest of worlds, for pleasure, meditation, yoga, ceremony or aromatherapy. You just need the incense blend or ingredients of your choice, a heatproof dish known as a censer, charcoal discs and some tweezers or tongs to hold the charcoal as you light it.


Censers can be any heatproof dish, I love to use Cauldrons because they retain the heat very well, and also the lid can be used to extinguish the charcoal as required. Ideally the censer should be on the heat resistant surface, as the charcoal could make censers hot. Please pick up hot censers while using handle, tongs or tweezers. It is best to fill the censer with sand, ash or earth, as this insulates the bowl, and not only helps the charcoal burn more proficiently for longer, but it distributes heat better too, helping to protect the base of the censer in the heat.

To light the charcoal disc:

1. Hold the charcoal disc with tweezers or tongs inside a naked flame - such as a candle flame. The disc will spit and spark a little within the surface (please do not make use of your fingers because the discs warm up quickly and can cause burns)
2. Put the disc in your heatproof censer or bowl, with the well facing upwards, wait some time until the edge of the disc turns grey
3. You now are ready to add your incense towards the centre of the disc. Give a pinch of pure natural incense, a little goes a long way
4. the disc will remain hot and glow for around an hour, each pinch of incense will fragrance the room for 15-30 minutes

Please wait for the charcoal to go cold before getting rid of ashes. Charcoal discs keep fresh for extended inside a sealed container inside a cool dry place.

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